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Part F. Persons Served/Service - Units

Data ElementModifier2014
Personal CarePersons Served112,352
Personal CareService Units19,724,257
HomemakerPersons Served158,950
HomemakerService Units15,866,011
ChorePersons Served34,979
ChoreService Units916,177
Home Delivered MealsPersons Served835,985
Home Delivered MealsService Units137,702,853
Adult Day Care/HealthPersons Served19,809
Adult Day Care/HealthService Units8,502,919
Case ManagementPersons Served432,932
Case ManagementService Units3,290,580
Assisted TransportationPersons Served42,033
Assisted TransportationService Units2,809,328
Congregate MealsPersons Served1,566,935
Congregate MealsService Units80,282,410
Nutrition CounselingPersons Served35,619
Nutrition CounselingService Units72,055
TransportationService Units22,177,367
Legal AssistanceService Units919,016
Nutrition EducationService Units3,157,503
Information and AssistanceService Units13,197,278
OutreachService Units2,375,574
Caregiver Counseling / Support Groups / TrainingPersons Served124,960
Caregiver Counseling / Support Groups / TrainingService Units463,577
Caregiver RespitePersons Served66,598
Caregiver RespiteService Units6,174,644
Caregiver SupplementalPersons Served37,349
Caregiver SupplementalService Units741,546
Caregiver Access AssistancePersons Served714,636
Caregiver Access AssistanceService Units1,358,895
Source: National Aging Program Information Systems (NAPIS) State Program Reports (SPR)

Part F. Providers

Data ElementModifier2014
Personal CareTotal Providers3,556
Personal CareAAA Providers126
HomemakerTotal Providers3,806
HomemakerAAA Providers196
ChoreTotal Providers952
ChoreAAA Providers53
Home Delivered MealsTotal Providers3,547
Home Delivered MealsAAA Providers335
Adult Day Care/HealthTotal Providers982
Adult Day Care/HealthAAA Providers37
Case ManagementTotal Providers1,251
Case ManagementAAA Providers356
Assisted TransportationTotal Providers793
Assisted TransportationAAA Providers49
Congregate MealsTotal Providers4,104
Congregate MealsAAA Providers337
Nutrition CounselingTotal Providers454
Nutrition CounselingAAA Providers134
TransportationTotal Providers2,965
TransportationAAA Providers197
Legal AssistanceTotal Providers874
Legal AssistanceAAA Providers142
Nutrition EducationTotal Providers2,089
Nutrition EducationAAA Providers273
Information and AssistanceTotal Providers2,273
Information and AssistanceAAA Providers489
OutreachTotal Providers1,537
OutreachAAA Providers287
Source: National Aging Program Information Systems (NAPIS) State Program Reports (SPR)

Part F. Expenditures

Data ElementModifier2014
Personal CareTitle III Expenditures$51,780,308
Personal CareTotal Service Expenditure$305,562,834
Personal Care% Title III $16.95%
HomemakerTitle III Expenditures$27,069,222
HomemakerTotal Service Expenditure$307,561,630
Homemaker% Title III $8.80%
ChoreTitle III Expenditures$4,578,350
ChoreTotal Service Expenditure$19,466,619
Chore% Title III $23.52%
Home Delivered MealsTitle III Expenditures$250,282,451
Home Delivered MealsTotal Service Expenditure$825,671,196
Home Delivered Meals% Title III $30.31%
Adult Day Care/HealthTitle III Expenditures$12,464,291
Adult Day Care/HealthTotal Service Expenditure$100,690,233
Adult Day Care/Health% Title III $12.38%
Case ManagementTitle III Expenditures$25,433,329
Case ManagementTotal Service Expenditure$259,050,408
Case Management% Title III $9.82%
Assisted TransportationTitle III Expenditures$3,914,046
Assisted TransportationTotal Service Expenditure$21,208,063
Assisted Transportation% Title III $18.46%
Congregate MealsTitle III Expenditures$267,050,401
Congregate MealsTotal Service Expenditure$632,841,381
Congregate Meals% Title III $42.20%
Nutrition CounselingTitle III Expenditures$1,370,956
Nutrition CounselingTotal Service Expenditure$2,852,428
Nutrition Counseling% Title III $48.06%
TransportationTitle III Expenditures$63,551,597
TransportationTotal Service Expenditure$193,114,792
Transportation% Title III $32.91%
Legal AssistanceTitle III Expenditures$26,586,866
Legal AssistanceTotal Service Expenditure$49,868,183
Legal Assistance% Title III $53.31%
Nutrition EducationTitle III Expenditures$3,715,913
Nutrition EducationTotal Service Expenditure$6,916,465
Nutrition Education% Title III $53.73%
Information and AssistanceTitle III Expenditures$57,385,660
Information and AssistanceTotal Service Expenditure$174,318,017
Information and Assistance% Title III $32.92%
OutreachTitle III Expenditures$9,328,718
OutreachTotal Service Expenditure$20,467,549
Outreach% Title III $45.58%
Other ServicesTitle III Expenditures$70,618,973
Other ServicesTotal Service Expenditure$434,528,045
Other Services% Title III $16.25%
Total Home & Community-Based ServicesTitle III Expenditures$896,184,006
Total Home & Community-Based ServicesTotal Service Expenditure$3,405,436,510
Caregiver Counseling / Support Groups / TrainingTitle III Expenditures$20,082,028
Caregiver Counseling / Support Groups / TrainingTotal Service Expenditure$28,541,842
Caregiver Counseling / Support Groups / Training% Title III $70.36%
Caregiver RespiteTitle III Expenditures$53,192,680
Caregiver RespiteTotal Service Expenditure$94,558,306
Caregiver Respite% Title III $56.25%
Caregiver SupplementalTitle III Expenditures$12,593,831
Caregiver SupplementalTotal Service Expenditure$17,998,748
Caregiver Supplemental% Title III $69.97%
Caregiver Access AssistanceTitle III Expenditures$31,454,644
Caregiver Access AssistanceTotal Service Expenditure$44,314,014
Caregiver Access Assistance% Title III $70.98%
Source: National Aging Program Information Systems (NAPIS) State Program Reports (SPR)

Part F. Program Income Earned

Data Element2014
Personal Care$2,306,786
Home Delivered Meals$72,975,309
Adult Day Care/Health$2,686,058
Case Management$1,277,291
Assisted Transportation$708,659
Congregate Meals$87,526,859
Nutrition Counseling$9,175
Legal Assistance$607,133
Nutrition Education$89,348
Information and Assistance$1,109,269
Other Services$6,045,006
Total Home & Community-Based Services$189,106,489
Source: National Aging Program Information Systems (NAPIS) State Program Reports (SPR)