The Data-at-a-Glance section provides the following visualization tools for comparing data elements across geographies and or years:

  • Maps
  • Line Graphs
  • Bar Charts
Perform the following steps to switch to a different data visualization:
  1. Select the icon for the visualization to which you wish to navigate.
  2. Click on a part of the map, line graph, or bar chart to navigate to the visualization.

Note: Count variables like Clients -> Totals -> All Services are heavily influenced by state populations, which leads to skewed distributions. Maps for these variables will show many states with the same color. Line graphs and Bar charts for these variables that contain states with large and small populations may result in data series that appear to be all zeroes. These visualization tools are most effective with percentage and ratio variables.

  • Click on the years in the upper-right-hand corner of the chart to quickly show and hide that data series.
  • Use the Save menu to download the chart and/or data table.

Step 1: Select the next visualization

Step 2: Click on the map/chart

Note: A value of zero may be a result of service not being offered in the associated state.